Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Baby Turns 3!

On Sunday, November 16 my baby girl Kathryn turned 3 years old. I can't believe that she is already 3! The years seem to always go by much faster than I desire. For me this birthday was a little hard. It seems that once your little one goes from being 2 to 3, they go from the baby stage to the "I'm an independent little person" stage. This means that the baby years are now over for the Miller family. Which makes me sad. Most of you know that due to the radiation I had last year, my ovaries were damaged, and I am now in early menopause. I had always hoped to have another baby. Kathryn was never intentionally planned to be the baby of the family. But, the Lord has greater plans than mine. For some reason, He decided that Kathryn was to be our last biological child. Unless we adopt, she will always be the baby. I am so grateful for her. Even with her independent and stubborn personality, I absolutely adore her. I love it when she runs across the room with her arms wide spread for me to catch her in a big bear hug. I love it when she likes to tease by wiping our kisses off her face and giggling the whole time. I love it when she needs her "diddy" (a.k.a. her blanket- I have know idea where she came up with the name).

We had a combined birthday party for her in Houston with some of my neices and nephews who also recently had birthdays a few weeks ago. Then on her actual birthday we had another party for her at our home. Kathryn loves Dora right now, so most everything she got for her birthday was Dora. She also got a princess castle sleeping bag that she fell asleep in after her family birthday party that we had for her. We had all our family that lives in town and our good friends, The Gordons (who we have adopted into our family) over for a hotdog/ hamburger feast after church. Kathryn was wiped out after the long day. Happy Birthday, little baby! We love you!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Susie!

Me, Susie, and Jalinda at the 4th of July Parade
This is for my friend Susie! Today is her BIG 30!! Susie and I have been friends for a very long time. I first met her thru Jared's family when Jared and I were dating. Her family and Jared's family grew up with each other. We call Susie's mom and dad Aunt Susanna and Uncle Phil though there is no blood relations. When Lauren was a week old we took her to Mike and Susie's wedding reception. We enjoyed hanging out at Mike and Susie's little apt. and our little condo before they had kids and then when Cameron and Lauren and Holden were just little. We still love when we get to hang out. We especially enjoy our annual South Padre trips, Valentine Adult Dates, and 4th of July festivities together. Happy Birthday Susie! Here's to many more fun and memorable years together. Love ya, Kristin

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Time Skiing- January 2008

In January we took to the road and drove with the kids to Castle Rock, Colorado to visit Jared's brother Winston and his wife Jacque. We had a great time! We saw lots of snow. And I concluded what I already thought, "I do not like cold weather." The kids went to ski and snow boarding school. We did some sledding and went iceskating. Here's some pictures from our trip.

Christmas 2007


I am going to go back a little bit and post pictures from some of the highlights over the past 6 months. Hopefully, I will catch up and be current one of these days.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Handsome Holden!

Yesterday was Holden's 7th birthday! We celebrated his birthday with a party at Pump It Up a few weeks ago. He had a family party with everyone when we were at the beach this past week. Last night we went out with the Gordons to Red Robin and sang to him there. He got Guitar Hero from Jared and I for his birthday. Here are 7 things that make me smile about Holden:

1. He has a deep, quiet voice. Sometimes you have to listen really hard to hear what he says when you ask him something.

2. He is just like his Dad! He doesn't let things bother him. He is VERY laid back (which is good when you have 3 sisters!)

3. He has the best tan and is toned like he has been working out. I love to see him on the beach because he has so much fun.

4. He has 2 tan colored birth marks on his legs that I think are so cute.

5. He loves everything about being a boy! He loves to try daring stunts on skateboards, bikes, etc. He loves surf boarding and skiing. He likes to go hunting with Jared. He likes to roller skate on his heelys and is very good at it.

6. He is so kind and patient with baby sister Kathryn. Sometimes not so patient with Lauren and Caroline!

7. He has the most charming dimples when he smiles. Sometimes we call him Mr. Grins. When he was a baby he smiled alot. He was the cutest baby boy. People would stop me and comment on how cute he was all the time.

Holden, you are a special part of our family. Thanks for adding your boyish charm and toughness to our group of girls. We love you! Happy Birthday!!!